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By Renee Kendall
San Francisco, January 16th and 17th, 2011


My mom and I were waiting in line to get into the ballroom where the seats were. She had to go make a phone call so my friend and I were in line together. While we waited we were looking at the vender stuff and then my friend said “OMG there is Gen!!” I was like “Oh wow that’s sweet!!” Then Gen and her mom walked out.

My mom came back and I said “You just missed Gen!!” then I said “I’ll brb”. I saw Gen and her mom walking down the hallway so I sped up and was able to make eye contact with Gen. I said “Are you Gen?” She said “Yes I am”. I asked if I could take my pic with her. She said “Yeah no problem”. As I was getting my camera out my hand was shaking, I said “sorry I am nervous” and she said “Oh you’re ok”. After the pic I said “You’re a wonderful actress” and she said “Oh thank you!”


The next night it was time for The Brian Buckley Band concert that Gen and Jared were promoting. When we got out of the elevators we found our table and I’m glad we sat there ’cause we were right behind Gen and Jared.

Before Gen and Jared were there, my mom and I went to the bar. I told my mom I was going to sit over in the corner in a soft chair.

As I was sitting down I saw Gen and Jared with Cliff and a bunch of guards with them. Gen saw me and had a big smile on her face and said “Hi”. (NOTE I WAS WEARING A TEAM SAM SHIRT) When they announced that they were here Gen and Jared walked by and Gen stopped and said “My mom’s been talking about you all weekend”. I said “Me??” Jared saw me and said “So your the one they have been talking to!” I shook his hand.

When they sat down so did my mom and I. During the concert my mom was trying to get a pic of Gen and Jared kissing. Jared got out his phone and was recording. He stood up and paned the room and I stood up and showed him my shirt. He stopped and said “I love your shirt” with a thumbs up!

He sat back down and I was freaking out in my head, my mom looked at me and was like “OMG you had a moment with him”. Then he turned around and my mom said “Jared kiss your wife” he looked at me and said “She’s not my wife”. I put my hand up and said “I’m already married” and Gen was like “You’re married?!” I said “I look 16 but I’m 26”. Jared said Gen’s 30. Also note: When my mom said kiss your wife he said you saw that in season 4. We got a kick out of it.

After the concert I went up to Gen, she gave me a hug then I asked her “Is there a way I could say something to Jared before you two leave?” She said “Are you going to be here tomorrow?” I said “Yes”. She paused for a moment then said come with me. When she grabbed my hand in my mind I was thinking ‘oh no Ruby’s got me’. As I was going, a girl from Creation was glaring at me like she has to go now. So Gen grabs my hand and brings me right to Jared.

He was with the band. Gen said “This is Renee”. Jared said “Hi Renee, I’m Jared” and he introduced me to the band. Then I said “You were wonderful in the Christmas Cottage” he said “Thank you”. I think Brian said something on the fact of the part in the movie where Jared lets his heart out to peter and he’s crying. I said “I was crying too”. Jared had a smirk on his face. He said “Look at her shirt” and pointed to it. I said but I almost went to team Dean and he say “Why?” I said when he saw Dean get bit by the vamp and he had the smirk on his face and didn’t do anything to stop it. He was like ‘you were going to trade me?’ I said “No no no I’m still team Sam!” He said and for that I give you a hug!! Then I went back to my seat.

Gen and Jared are the best. Very nice people. All the stars were very friendly. 

By Mariana Zavala

San Francisco, January 16th, 2011


Okay, there is a story that goes along with this.

I saw her standing at the top of some stairs talking to two older people, and I’m like, oh my god, is that Ruby 2.0?

And nobody was standing around her or waiting to take a picture, and I was frozen, staring at her, and eventually I’m like, screw this and I ran up the stairs and I’m like, “I am so sorry to bother you but could I please take a picture with you?”


She’s like, “Of course!”

And I get my camera and she looks at my hands, and goes, “Oh my god I love your nails.”


And I was totally starstruck and she made her dad take the picture and I was thanking her and I was like, “I love you so much on Supernatural and Ruby is so freaking cool, I love you,” and she’s like, “Oh, thank you so much, it was nice meeting you!”

And oh my god how could I ever think a bad thought about this gorgeous, lovely, incredible woman? 

By Kelly

Santa Monica, April 8th, 2009


During my 2 weeks off, I went to California to visit my best friend Kim. Before leaving, I asked Gen if I could meet her in person while I was down there as I had run a fan site for her going on 5 years.

Gen accepted my invitation and Kim and I met her for tea at Urth Caffé in Santa Monica on 4/8/09.

She is such an absolute sweetheart and even signed several copies of Supernatural magazine (where she was featured on the cover). She also gave me a bag full of Wildfire-related goodies, which I love so much!

After chatting with her for awhile, Jared Padalecki even stopped by to visit us too! He also took the time to sign the Supernatural magazines and we all chatted for quite awhile.

After taking several photos with them, we said our goodbyes. They are both so amazing and completely down to earth!

What a fabulous day that was! Thank you so much Gen and Jared!

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