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Salute To Supernatural – Introducing The Brian Buckley Band (San Francisco) – 15 January 2011:
Casey Puett, Heather Rein Benda, shoutmansuepafly, Susan Bartlett

Salute To Supernatural – Introducing The Brian Buckley Band (Los Angeles) – 11 February 2011:
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Jus In Bello Cocktail Party (Rome) – 8 April 2011:
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Asylum 6 (UK) – 15 May 2011:
Brenda Nichols, Kylie Porter, sheylinhaSofia Fotiadou

NashCon The Brian Buckley Band Concert At The Gaylord Hotel (Nashville) – 4 June 2011:

The Brian Buckley Band CD Release Party At The Viper Room – 24 June 2011:

VanCon (Vancouver) – 25 August 2013:


1st Annual Of “Once Upon A Cure” Charity Gala (Vancouver) – 24 September 2011:
dollopheadSean Koo

Forza Horizon At Austin City Limits (Austin) – 13 october 2012:
ATX gossipCalily B

My Yacht F1 Club At Ballet Austin (Texas) – 16 November 2012:


A special thanks to Genevieve Padalecki for her hard work in three of the greatest TV Shows I have enjoyed following the past few years. I wish her all the best in her future projects and I really hope to see her in something new soon!!!

Thank you to all the visitors for giving this site a chance and for your regular visits. You guys make me want to work even harder and I really hope the site is up to your expectations.

Genevieve Who?
Genevieve was born in San Francisco on January 8th, 1981. She grew up outside the area until she was 13 when her parents decided to move to Glacier Park, Montana. After two years, the family then went on a road trip looking for a variety of ski towns and finally settled in Sun Valley, Idaho, where Genevieve considers home... Read more.
Current Projects


When a young punk rock band starts out in the underground music scene, the only thing they have is each other. But when a childhood friend - with complicated connections to the group - leverages her P.R. skills to get them noticed, they suddenly find themselves on the verge of making it big. The only question is how far they're willing to go in the pursuit of fame and fortune, and who they're willing to leave behind to get there. HATED explores the dark, smoke-filled corners where human nature and the contemporary music industry meet.

Character: Veronica
Status: Released
Release date: 2012
Nominations: Best Actress at FirstGlance Film Fest Hollywood, The Newport International Film Festival, Wales, Williamsburg International Film Festival, Women's Independent Film Festival - All won!
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