Genevieve 2007 photoshoot updated!

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I updated the photoshoot that Genevieve did in 2007. You can find the pictures by clicking the images above, or following the link below:

Please do not share elsewhere, thank you!!

New Twitter Pics

Genevieve recently tweeted a picture of Thomas and Shepherd, and also changed her Twitter picture which you can view in the gallery:

New Genevieve Twitter Pictures

Genevieve tweeted this picture of Shepher (with Jared!) and was also snapped with two friends on Twitter. You can also find them in our gallery!!

Genevieve pictures added!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I’ve just been dealing with some things in real life that needed to be done. Anyway Genevieve has been tweeting a good bit lately, especially with pictures of Thomas and Shepherd, and I’ve added the most recent ones to the gallery 🙂

Jared tweets picture of Genevieve and the boys

Jared just tweeted this beautiful picture of Genevieve with Shepherd and Thomas!

Jared posts picture of Genevieve on Twitter

…and she was wearing SuperAwesome shoes!!!

Yesterday was Jared’s birthday and he clearly had a good time judging by the pics he posted, including this one of Genvieve, which can be found in our gallery!

Picture of Gen with Clif

Clif Kosterman just posted this picture of him and Genevieve (separate shots). You can view the image in our gallery.

[Gallery Update] Old behind the scenes images

I have uploaded a number of old behind the scenes images of Genevieve while on the sets off In Stereo and Flashforward. I have also added fan pics of Jared and Genevieve at Nashcon and Vancon, credit to those who own them!

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Check out our gallery to view all the images!

Genevieve tweets pretty family pic (minus Jared)

Genevieve just tweeted this beautiful picture of herself, Thomas and Shepherd:

Bid on Skype Session with Jared and Genevieve!


To help raise funds for the Walk for Brain Injury for Genevieve’s sister Sarah, Winchester Brothers announced a charity auction for one fan to win a skype session with both Jared and Genevieve. Details are as follows:

Jared and Genevieve Padalecki have donated one 15 minute video Skype chat session for us to auction, with proceeds going to the Brain Injury Association of California in support of Team Sarah (less ebay and PayPal fees). Sarah Cortese is the sister of Genevieve Padalecki and she experienced a traumatic brain injury in 2013.  She is doing much better and her family is helping to raise awareness of brain injuries and bring much needed funds to help others.

You will get to chat with Jared and Genevieve together!  Do you live too far away to attend a Supernatural convention?  This is your chance to chat with two of the stars of your favorite show!  Don’t miss out on this very rare opportunity! To bid on this auction, CLICK HERE.

Auction will take place at a date in the near future that is convenient for Jared, Genevieve and the auction winner.

To finish reading, click here.