Genevieve looking great while working out!

Check out Genevieve and Misha having a great time! posted a video of an interview with Mark Sheppard, and in the background you can see Genevieve having an animated conversation with Misha!

Video: Genevieve interview with K Site TV

K Site TV just published a video interview with Genevieve speaking about her time on Supernatural, including her role as Ruby 2.0 and her appearance as Meta!Gen in the episode ‘The French Mistake’ from season 6. View the video below:

Genevieve featured in video of Supernatural 200 Episodes Party

Genevieve made a brief appearance in the video celebrating the party held for Supernatural’s 200 episodes. You can view the video in the link below!


Genevieve looks back at Supernatural


Recently at the Supernatural 200th Episode Party, Genevieve gave an interview with IGN and spoke about her experience on the show, where fans remember her as the second generation of Ruby:

I like to attribute that to Jensen and Jared. I think they have such a beautiful relationship for Sam and Dean and what they’ve created. You can pick up any episode from any season and watch it and love it and watch it individually. You don’t have to watch a season through to understand what’s going on. You can see any of those episodes and you can understand that brotherly love. You can love it as a female going, “Oh my gosh, that reminds me of my family or, “Oh, that’s a friend,” and you can fall in love with those characters and feel empathetic for those characters and with those characters. I think that’s what makes it so wonderful and that to me is the success. Not just that, but there’s so many other components and the people who write it and produce it and get it going… I love that you can watch and witness that love between the two of them.


8 HQ images of Genevieve at the 2nd Supernatural 200th Episode Party

Genevieve attended the second party, this time a fan one, for Supernatural’s 200th Episode. You can find the images below:

Jared tweets picture of Genevieve and himself

While livetweeting the third episode of Supernatural, season 10, Jared posted this beautiful picture of himself and Genevieve

HQ Pictures of Genevieve at Supernatural’s 200th Episode Party

Thanks to Sammy, I have added 5 HQ images of Genevieve at the party last night. Be sure to check out Dress Like Genevieve to discover what she wore!


I have added a further 9 HQ Images!

Genevieve pictured with fan at ACL

Another fan was lucky enough to meet Genevieve at ACL this week!

Genevieve spotted at ACL

Today (04/10/14), Genevieve was spotted at ACL wearing a beautiful floral dress, accompanied by Jared. A fan was lucky enough to snap a picture!