News: Genevieve is at Asylum 14

Jared tweeted this sweet picture ofhimself and Genevieve, commemorating Mother’s Day in America. Right now they are both in England, for Asylum 14 where it was also announced that Genevieve will be doing a panel! Currently she is signing autographs, and if there are any pictures released, I will be sure to update!

News: Genevieve to appear as guest at Asylum 14!

Amazing news from Asylum 14,a Supernatural convention in England happening right now! Rogues Events just announced Genevieve will be having her own panel!

Magazine Scan: People ‘Hollywood at Home’


I have added a HQ scan of Genevieve featuring in People magazine with Jared, Thomas and Shepherd. The article features Jared and Genevieve speaking about their home and what Jared has in their house. I have also added separate images to the same folder. You can find the scan by following the link below:

News: Genevieve and Jared adopt a dog!

The sweetest news just came in via Facebook!

Genevieve and Jared have added a new furry friend to their family, called Gusto.


New Picture + Award Nomination!

Genevieve has been annoounced as a finalist in the Best Parent category of the Shorty’s and she shared this image of Thomas and Shepherd to celebrate!

You can see the announcement here.

Happy Anniversary Genevieve and Jared!!

Today is Genevieve and Jared’s fifth wedding anniversary, and Gen posted this beautiful tweet/picture

Genevieve snaps a pic with Jared and fans!

Genevieve reportedly with Jared at Houscon and snapped this really pretty picture with fans!

Genevieve takes a picture with a fan

Genevieve was gracious enough to take this picture with a fan while on holiday:

Genevieve looking great while working out!

Check out Genevieve and Misha having a great time! posted a video of an interview with Mark Sheppard, and in the background you can see Genevieve having an animated conversation with Misha!