Genevieve and Danneel rocking The Thinkery Imaginarium! (Updated)

Check out this newly added Instagram picture of both of the girls. How amazing do they look?!

I have added 6 more HQ images of Genevieve and Danneel in the photobooth to the gallery! Check them following the link below!

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Genevieve attends The Thinkery Imaginarium ATX

Genevieve attended the event, as she usually does the last few years, this time with Danneel! How amazing do they both look! Find the image in our gallery!

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New Fan Picture With Genevieve and Jared

A fan was lucky to get a picture with Jared and Genevieve! How amazing does Genevieve look?

Genevieve and Jared Celebrate Richard’s Birthday With A Selfie!

Did they know we just came back from hiatus? Spooky 😛 Check out the quite adorable new pic!

Genevieve Daily is back!

I am extremely happy to announce that Genevieve Daily is bigger and better than ever! Not only do we have brand new designs on our website and gallery, we also have updated the gallery with a bunch of caps ranging from events, interviews to Genevieve’s role as Kris Furillo on Wildfire. Although we have not added caps for the actual episodes, yet, we have done so for the various promos, after show chats and the webisodes. You can check them all below:

new1 new2

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The biggest news?!

Due to various issues that meant we lost all files linked to Genevieve videos we lost one of our biggest features. However this time we are back with an actual Genevieve Daily video section!

We shall continuously be adding videos including Supernatural, and the caps posted to the gallery? You can find those in the video section too!


Visit now!

Hope you all enjoy everything and it’s great to be back!

Temporary Hiatus

Hey everyone! Just making this post to let followers of the site know that I am putting it on temporary hiatus. I am hoping to completely revamp it with new designs, features and images to the gallery, which are very much needed! I am also thinking about adding a video archive, as the videos we have located on the site still link to the old site and I feel it would be better to keep everything contained here. Please bear with me, as it will take at least until the end of September/October for the revamp to be finished.

Until then I will add a few pics that are missing from the past few days and will be working from behind the scenes. I shall also be revamping our social accounts!

Tweet: Genevieve and Jared at the World Cup Final

Genevieve are currently attending the World Cup Final, supporting the USA and have posted some pictures on Twitter:

Jared tweets a relaxing family picture!

Jared just tweeted this beautiful picture of Genevieve, Thomas and Shepherd chilling out in Austin!

Jared and Genevieve in the ATX EW Photobooth

From the same photobooth of the picture Genevieve tweeted of herself and Jared, these pictures have been added to the gallery of extra pictures of the couple looking extremely adorable. Jared was adding the Gilmore Girls reunion at the ATX festival, with Genevieve accompanying him.

New picture of Jared and Genevieve via Twitter!

Jared has tweeted this picture of himself and Genevieve while arriving to the Gilmore Girls Reunion at the ATXFestival today.