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Salute To Supernatural – Introducing The Brian Buckley Band (San Francisco) – 15 January 2011:
Casey Puett, Heather Rein Benda, shoutmansuepafly, Susan Bartlett

Salute To Supernatural – Introducing The Brian Buckley Band (Los Angeles) – 11 February 2011:
Eliann, Laura Mclean, Susan Bartlett, Winchester Broswolfpup2000

Jus In Bello Cocktail Party (Rome) – 8 April 2011:
allyeffcrystalchainemme86e0wyn, Heather Rein Benda, jiiaffamarygenoananito-punkSuffolk Booklover

Asylum 6 (UK) – 15 May 2011:
Brenda Nichols, Kylie Porter, sheylinhaSofia Fotiadou

NashCon The Brian Buckley Band Concert At The Gaylord Hotel (Nashville) – 4 June 2011:

The Brian Buckley Band CD Release Party At The Viper Room – 24 June 2011:

VanCon (Vancouver) – 25 August 2013:


1st Annual Of “Once Upon A Cure” Charity Gala (Vancouver) – 24 September 2011:
dollopheadSean Koo

Forza Horizon At Austin City Limits (Austin) – 13 october 2012:
ATX gossipCalily B

My Yacht F1 Club At Ballet Austin (Texas) – 16 November 2012:


A special thanks to Genevieve Padalecki for her hard work in three of the greatest TV Shows I have enjoyed following the past few years. I wish her all the best in her future projects and I really hope to see her in something new soon!!!

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