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Genevieve Attends Create + Cultivate in Seattle


On the 9th September, Genevieve travelled to Seattle to take part in the Create + Cultivate one day conference. She was invited to the Microsoft Stage, where she chatted about her experiences with social media, such as Instagram.

Throughout the day, and before, Genevieve uploaded Instagram stories as well as pictures to her account. She also did an Instagram livestream, which shall be uploaded soon.

To keep up with her social media updates, you can find links to the gallery below:

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Genevieve also did an interview with Create + Cultivate. Images attached to the article have been uploaded to our gallery. Check out a snippet of the article below!

You launched your blog this year and saw immediate success.  As part of the launch strategy you worked with skincare brand Elemis and crashed their site with a giveaway you hosted, thats MAJOR!…. How has the transition been going from social only content to long form blogs?  

It’s been really surreal! I loved working with Elemis as I actually love their products, so it felt like an organic partnership that was really natural and aligned. Also, I’m breastfeeding currently as I have a 6 month old and so I’m really cautious of beauty brands that are low chemical and more natural. We decided to host a giveaway on the blog as part of our launch strategy – my followers really love a giveaway, and it was fun to create a space for them to participate! Yes, they actually BROKE the link in bio on Instagram…we were all trying to figure out why the link wasn’t working and TONS of comments were coming in, and after a LOT of confusion we figured out that they crashed the site where the giveaway was hosted! Pretty crazy!



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