We got lots of pictures of Genevieve, Danneel, Jensen and Jared last year and even though we might not be as lucky this year, it’s still great to know that Genevieve is once again attending this year! Thanks to scatter-the-stars on Tumblr, they posted a few pictures of Genevieve, Jared and Jensen at the festival. […]

Genevieve looked amazing while at Austin City Limits with the gang and some fans were lucky enough to get pics! Check them below: Can we talk about Genevieve's arms? SIGH. @nottheribbons pic.twitter.com/UAf7A1zVGk — Shiny piece of coal (@Kyline) October 3, 2015 @vatititech @J2HighSchoolAu pic.twitter.com/IHDsmFM8Q6 — Samantha-Rae (@SamisGreen) October 3, 2015 # Always keep fighting!!! Guess […]