Apologies for the lateness of this post – but there should be consistent updates from now on! Although it was kept under wraps for a little period of time, Genevieve made her Instagram public, that focuses on lifestyle, family and love. Her Instagram account as of now, is known as NowandGen. Although a website currently […]

If this isn’t motivation to get to the gym, I don’t know what is!! Check out Genevieve pictured with her trainer Jah Gilmore, as well as the video of her working out. Kardashian’s eat your heart out! When you train with purpose it’s more than cutting and trimming. Its about building relationships and being pure […]

Genevieve attended the event, as she usually does the last few years, this time with Danneel! How amazing do they both look! Find the image in our gallery! Home > Events > 2015 > Thinkery Imaginarium – 25th September

A fan was lucky to get a picture with Jared and Genevieve! How amazing does Genevieve look? https://instagram.com/p/7a3COpGePf/

ichallenge_performance posted a picture of Genevieve while she was working out, looking great as per usual! They did post that she was working on to be ready for the red carpet, so perhaps for the PCA’s 2015? It's all about them Gunz. Had a blast training the Hottest superwoman in the Game. My Client Genevieve […]