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I apologise for the lack of updates on the site lately, having started a new job I have fallen behind on updates! I hope to be more consistent!

I have updated the gallery with lots of Genevieve’s Instagram posts as well as stories. I do believe I have missed some stories, however I am not too concerned in updating these everyday. This is due to Genevieve posting stories in a timezone inconsistent with mine sadly!

As well as her own social media, other pictures were posted of herself with friends such as Danneel, Steve Carlson and Clif Kosterman. These have also been added!


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Genevieve Attends Create + Cultivate in Seattle


On the 9th September, Genevieve travelled to Seattle to take part in the Create + Cultivate one day conference. She was invited to the Microsoft Stage, where she chatted about her experiences with social media, such as Instagram.

Throughout the day, and before, Genevieve uploaded Instagram stories as well as pictures to her account. She also did an Instagram livestream, which shall be uploaded soon.

To keep up with her social media updates, you can find links to the gallery below:

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Genevieve also did an interview with Create + Cultivate. Images attached to the article have been uploaded to our gallery. Check out a snippet of the article below!

You launched your blog this year and saw immediate success.  As part of the launch strategy you worked with skincare brand Elemis and crashed their site with a giveaway you hosted, thats MAJOR!…. How has the transition been going from social only content to long form blogs?  

It’s been really surreal! I loved working with Elemis as I actually love their products, so it felt like an organic partnership that was really natural and aligned. Also, I’m breastfeeding currently as I have a 6 month old and so I’m really cautious of beauty brands that are low chemical and more natural. We decided to host a giveaway on the blog as part of our launch strategy – my followers really love a giveaway, and it was fun to create a space for them to participate! Yes, they actually BROKE the link in bio on Instagram…we were all trying to figure out why the link wasn’t working and TONS of comments were coming in, and after a LOT of confusion we figured out that they crashed the site where the giveaway was hosted! Pretty crazy!



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[Photos] Genevieve at the SuperHeroIRL End Bullying Panel at Comic Con

001.jpg 014.jpg  008.jpg

I have a few images of Genevieve that were taken by fans at her panel for the SuperHeroIRL panel. This special panel was dedicated to the topic of ending bullying and also on the panel was Nichelle Nichols, Clare Krammer and Aaron Douglas.

If other images, and video appear, this post shall be updated! I have included sources of the images to the gallery however if you would like any removed, please notify me!

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Genevieve also posted on her Twitter to thank fans for attending the panel:


[News] Genevieve To Participate in Anti-Bullying Event At Comic Con

What a cool surprise?!

We know that Genevieve has been quite active lately in regards to campaigning against bullying, and today it was announced that there will be a special panel held by SuperHeroIRL at Comic Con.

Genevieve shall be joined alongside Clare Kramer and Aaron Douglas. It will take place on Saturday at 2pm. Below is the announcement that was made on Twitter:

I shall add pictures if they become available!

[Photos] Genevieve Arriving At The Conan Show

001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg

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As part of Comic Con weekend, Jared and Jensen were invited to The Conan Show. Genevieve accompanied Jared as they arrived to the filming of the special episode. I have added pictures to the gallery and hope to add more if they appear. Below are also sources of the pictures as well as a video of the arrivals:

@teamcoco #teamcoco #supernatural #genevievepadalecki

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Genevieve Officially Launches

After patiently waiting for quite a while, Genevieve revealed today that her brand new lifestyle/home website has been launched! I am myself currently browsing through all the pages and I am so excited to see a project that clearly Genevieve is very passionate about!

To celebrate the launch of the site, NowandGen is hosted a giveaway to win $1000 gift card to shop at plus more! Check out her Instagram post below, and check out to visit her site and admire the beauty!

Genevieve Instagram Posts Update

110.jpg  001.jpg 026.jpg

I have updated the social media section with numerous photos and screencaps of Genevieve’s posts and stories. You can find them following the links below. Soon I shall be adding videos of the stories to the video archive!

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Jared and Genevieve Attend the Conference of David’s Law

003.jpg 005.jpg  008.jpg

Today Jared and Genevieve attended a very important event in regards to the stance against bullying. The pledge is as follows:

The pledge is part of a marketing campaign that brings awareness and support to David’s Law, or Senate Bill 179, a new bill that protects Texas children by treating cyberbullying offenses as misdemeanors and establishing new channels of communication to report these criminal acts to law enforcement through their schools. When a David’s Law sticker with the Red Ellipsis Anti-cyberbullying…

Read more on their site.

David himself was a young teenager who sadly too his life at the age of 16 due to relentless cyberbullying. Jared and Genevieve themselves spoke at the event about their own experiences with bullying, depression and mental health.

I have added images to the gallery and below is also a video of the event.

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Genevieve and Jared Introduce Odette to People Magazine

001.jpg 001.jpg 001.jpg 001.jpg

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Jared and Genevieve took part in a beautiful photoshoot for People Magazine, alongsider their new daughter Odette and also with Thomas and Shepherd. Jared himself also did an interview with the magazine.

I have a HQ image of the shoot to the gallery and you can see a snippet of the interview below:

Jared Padalecki is “really excited” to have a baby girl — daughter Odette Elliott, who was born in March — after having two boys.

“It’s a really cool experience, and I’m really excited for her to grow and hopefully have a Daddy’s girl,” the Supernatural star, 34, tells PEOPLE.

But he also admits having a daughter makes him feel “really nervous and vulnerable” in a way he hadn’t felt with his sons Shepherd, 3, and Thomas Colton, 5.

“With boys, you’re like, ‘Go skin your knees and go break your arms like I did.’ But with a girl, you’re like, ‘If somebody ever touches her, I’ll go off the handle!’ ” Padalecki says.

Read more here.

[Photos] Genevieve’s Instagram Updates

Genevieve is still actively posting on Instagram, and it’s hopeful that her website will soon be up and running! I have added her latest Instagram pictures to the gallery, including her InstaStories. Below you can see her most recent post.


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Spent the day at the zoo with my two wild animals! More pics up in my stories ☝️☝️☝️

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